Laudable Linkage

I have a fairly short list to share today.

Elizabeth the Faithful”–a Small Reflection on Our Queen, HT to Challies. I’ve read several tributes to and reflections of Queen Elizabeth, but I particularly liked this one, which contains an except of David Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ sermon after her she first became queen.

Why I’m No Longer Trying to Be Extraordinary, HT to the Story Warren. “Who are the people who left a lasting mark on you? My guess is they weren’t superstars, celebrity pastors, or people with global influence. In my life, the most influential people were the teachers, coaches, pastors, and family members whose roots went down deep. They led lives of quiet faithfulness, regularly slowing down long enough to be present with those around them.”

Will You Be Good at Your Thing Today? “There are many things we can be good at in this worldGod gives several talents to each person. But on this morning on this day, this nurse being good at drawing blood might make all the difference to this young boy. Whatever you do today, if you can, do it well. It might move someone from feeling terrified to being glad to see you

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Apply a Passage to Others, HT to Challies. “Some expositors and exegetes are gifted at applying Scripture. It’s as though these communicators have read our minds. They seem to effortlessly connect a text to our experiences and emotions. I envy them. Application doesn’t come easily for me. I have to work at it.”

Little Kids and Big Emotions. “Is there a way to help our children to begin to manage their feelings without stuffing them, prettying them up, or feeling as if there’s no room for them?”

For writers, seen at The Funnies, HT to Challies:

Just after praying for some dear to my heart, I was blessed and comforted to see this verse in my morning reading in Daily Light today:

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