Do you have trouble commenting on my site?

A couple of long-time blog friends have been unable to comment on my blog, even though we’ve commented on each other’s sites for years. That made me wonder if others are having trouble commenting as well.

I do hear from some of you regularly. (Thank you!) So some comments are getting through. But there should not be any problem commenting at all.

If you can’t leave a comment here, would you email me and let me know? And it would be a big help if you could tell me exactly what kind of error message comes up when you try to comment. Any details you can give me will help when I take this to WordPress support.

There is a link in my sidebar under my picture that says “Feel free to email me.” Click on that phrase, and you should be taken to your email server. If that doesn’t work, I’ll expand my email here so bots don’t pick it up. Just take out the words in parentheses and write it like a normal email address: barbarah06 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’ve had difficulty myself commenting on some WordPress blogs that make me log in every time I comment now. I get a message saying I need to log in because I am using an new email address, even though I have commented on these sites for years with the same email address and web site. So maybe WordPress has some kind of glitch.

But I’d like to let WordPress know exactly what’s going on with commenting problems here so they can look into it.

Thanks for your help!

15 thoughts on “Do you have trouble commenting on my site?

  1. Nope, I get your emails and you get my comments because you’ve been kind enough to respond. Not sure that I’ve emailed you too much, but love reading your different posts, musings, and thoughts each week.

  2. Trying it out. It’s been awhile since I’ve left a comment on your blog, so we’ll see if this one goes through. I do enjoy your blog and visit often even though I seldom comment.

  3. Mine usually go through (well, I think they do!). I know that a longer one I wrote on the post about finding a church (not yesterday’s but the one about a week prior) didn’t. I happened to look for it a few days later and didn’t see it, so I wrote a shorter version but that one also didn’t go through for some reason. BUT, several other replies were visible so it must have just been me for some reason. I didn’t get any kind of error message when submitting the quote so I had no reason to suspect the comment wouldn’t go through. Also, when I leave comments here yes, I do always have to “log in” which means leaving my email, name and website. Then after that, I’m taken to a wordpress page where I have to log in too (although my info is pre-filled in). There’s a box to check to “remember me” and even though I check it each day, I always am taken to that page again before it says my comment will be visible after moderation. There’s only one other blog I regularly comment on and on that one, I just hit “comment” and that’s it. I just checked and it’s wordpress too, although the free version. I’ll email you screenshots of the things I see when commenting.

    • Thanks for the screenshots! I get the same message when I try to comment on some WP blogs, but not others. I wonder if the difference is whether they are the free versions or not.

      I’m sorry about the missing comments! I found this one in the spam folder, but not the others. It’s odd that the system would put you in the spam folder, when you’ve been commenting regularly here for years. It seems like it would know you by now!

  4. Barb, first I’ve never had a problem commenting on your blog. BUT, every time I comment here, I have to log into WordPress before it allows the comment to go through. The message I get says something about me being logged in through a different site or using a different device (can’t remember off-hand. I’ll try to get the wording and email it to you when I send this). It’s always been that way. I’ve had a few times where, on other sites, I get a nonce verification message. According to a web guy who does some work for me, this one is pretty hard to nail down as to the cause. I’ve had longtime commenters share this particular message with me. It’s so frustrating when we don’t know how to fix it.

    If you find something out, I’d love to know what you learn from WP. I’m sorry you’re having difficulties

  5. oh but yes…..if i log out or wordpress, i have to log back in in order to comment on your blog. I think that’s pretty standard though with WordPress, correct??

    • Yes, it seems to be. I don’t require anything of commenters in my settings except a name–I used to require an email address, but someone told me that eliminating that requirement might help people to have fewer problems commenting. But even though that’s the only requirement in my settings, if you have a WP account, they require you to be logged in to comment. Some of us, though, are being required to log in each time even though we are already logged in.

  6. I’ve not had any problems at all on your site. I never have to log back into my WordPress account either. I am using Chrome for my browser. However, when I comment on blogs using Safari, I often have to relog in to comment on various blogs. So it might have something to do with which browser people are using. ? Who can figure out the internet! lol.

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