Friday’s Fave Five

It’s been a fairly low-key week here, which I love. Weeks with big occasions are fun sometimes, but I need quiet ones in-between. And even in quiet weeks, blessings are scattered around if we stop to look. Here are a few of mine. I’m sharing with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story.

1. Catching-up messages. One of my oldest friends, the maid of honor at my wedding, whose family I called my second family, messaged me one day last week for some information. That led to several messages back and forth. I enjoyed catching up with her.

2. Lunch with a newer friend, although Melanie and I have been friends for several years now, online at first, and then in person when she moved to Knoxville. We went to Cracker Barrel, always a favorite spot.

3. Letters from Timothy. He’s learning how to write letters in school and sent one to both his granddad and me individually. Not only are those letters treasures in themselves, but they reminded me of how much I enjoyed sending and receiving letters to my grandmother when I was a child.

4. Restaurant coupons. Domino’s had their pizzas half-price last weekend, plus I had enough reward points for a free one. Then later in the week, we got coupons from Subway in the mail and indulged in a free foot-long sub with the purchase of another (we always cut them in half to save for lunch the next day).

5. Something fun. I play Words with Friends with my sisters and another friend on my iPad mini. Each week the app has optional solo games you can play for tokens that can be used to exchange tiles without skipping a turn and other such things. The solo games are usually grouped around a theme, with some of the app players named for historical figures or made-up ones. Last week the category was Irish authors (I assume due to St. Patrick’s Day), with one of the players being C. S. Lewis. It was fun to seem like I was playing against one of my favorite writers (and I did beat him. 🙂 ).

How was your last week of March?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Glad you had a nice week. Those letters from Timothy are treasures indeed. So glad that you could get together with a friend and catch up with another on via text. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  2. We have been friends for a long time! It began when I lived in Florida online and then we met face to face when I loved near you! Our lunches is something I look forward to each month.

    I remember notes and things in the mail that I got as a child and I’ve kept many of them. That’s wonderful that Timothy is learning to write letters and notes. It’s becoming a lost art.

    I’ve never attempted “Words with Friends.” The only online game I ever played was Farmville. I had one heck of a farm! I’m glad you beat C.S. Lewis!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sighing as I read about your quiet week. That’s so great that Timothy is learning to write letters and you were a recipient. Such a good skill to learn.

    Isn’t it a blessing to have so many ways to stay connected? How nice that you and Melanie are close enough to visit regularly in person.

  4. Barbara I play Words with Friends too and saw the CSLewis challenge. I love it. We should play each other!! I mostly do friends from church, Linda from Willow’s Cottage blog and my mother in law. I love the solo challenges.
    I love a quiet week and mine was as well and was much appreciated. I thanked the Lord each evening that the day was somewhat easy in the special ed classroom this week.
    I love that Timothy is writing to you. I used to write to my paternal grandmother and she would write back and it just thrilled me. I LOVE writing letters!!
    Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

  5. I love that Timothy is learning to write letters in school! I didn’t know whether schools still taught such a “quaint” skill 🙂 My girls write letters to their grandparents at times and the grandparents love them. Lunch with friends is always fun too!

  6. How fun that you both got letters from Timothy! My grandparents both lived in Hungary so it was harder as I didn’t write the language but I still remember writing to seniors in a home in grade 6 and then going to visit the the one you wrote the letter too. It must have been impactful for me as I remember it still. Love that you and Melanie lunch together. So fun.

  7. Quiet weeks can be a blessing. How lovely to get letters from Timothy. I also worry that letter writing will become a dying art so good to hear he’s being taught how to do that. I love playing word games but try not to let myself get too caught up in them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  8. Congratulations on beating CS Lewis!
    Lunch with a friend is always fun. I’m glad you and Melanie can get together.
    How sweet that Timothy wrote letters to you.
    Have a good week–hopefully, April is bringing you some better spring weather.

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