Laudable Linkage

Some of the thought-provoking reads found this week:

So You Want to Be a Woman of the Word? “Women of the Word resist the world’s distractions and dedicate time to regular Bible study.”

Can Satan Put Thoughts into Our Heads? HT to Challies. “Yes, he can and he does. And of course, the urgent questions then are, How do we recognize them? And how do we resist them and not get controlled by them?”

Midlife, Christ Is. HT to Challies. This is very encouraging for those of us who are “middle-aged.”

The Wisdom of Avoiding Strife. “Sometimes Christians think God wants them to become punching bags. And at other times, perhaps in rejection of the punching-bag approach, Christians harden themselves to the point of arrogance and condescension toward their opponents. But what does it mean to fight like a Christian in situations of strife?”

I Just Need Something New! HT to Challies. “We know this right? It’s the gospel we have been told—perhaps for years. Yet we can so easily forget it. We get distracted by the shiny and new, and before we know it the false hope of man-centered change can push Christ to the background. We wonder if the novel is what we really need. This new Bible reading plan will get my act together. That new book will finally fix my parenting struggles. These new habits will refocus my heart through the day. Nehemiah 13 reminds us that mastery over outward disciplines just isn’t enough (Col. 2:23).”

Fear After Grief, HT to Challies. “Perhaps you’ve been walking through seasons of grief, as you mourn especially deep pain. The dark clouds have begun to shift, but you’re not sure if you can bear to greet the sun, lest you have to return to the dark.”

Yes, a Loved One Is Watching From Heaven, HT to Challies. “How has the Lord assured you he’s near in the deep grief that accompanies loss? The evidence of his presence is there if we look, but let’s not get confused about who’s watching over us. Look beyond your loved one to see and experience the love and kindness of our great God.”

Behind-the-Scenes: Endorsements. A look at why publishers require endorsements, what they mean, how to regard them.

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