Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Hobby


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It’s been a busy day — and I am late with my photo hunt!

Needlework has been one of my favorite hobbies, and this piece was one of my favorite pieces to do. I made it before Jeremy was born, 22 years ago.

Needlework bears

Here is a close-up of the detail I love about this piece. I don’t know if it will show up well, but the little iced cookies are raised and the little cupcakes have french knot icing. I love the stitching for the grass and fringe on the blanket as well.


It’s kind of sad that the boys have outgrown it and there is no place for it in the house now. I hope when the grandkids come along to have a room for them when they come over, so it will be back up then. 🙂

Most of the needlework I have done had been cross stitch, but most of that has been for gifts. I haven’t done any kind of needlework in ages — I wonder how well I’d be able to see it now.

One of my favorite hobbies has always been reading, as represented by two of our four bookcases:

Two of our four bookshelves

You can see to the side there evidence of one of Jason’s hobbies, golfing, though he hasn’t done much of it since getting out of high school.

And finally, one of my favorite new hobbies is computing. This is where I visit with all of you. 🙂

Where I compute

17 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Hobby

  1. That needlework is simply gorgeous! Very well done. I’ve done a bit of cross stitch, but nothing as fancy as you did here. I also love to read and “compute”. On my post I used one of my hobbies to show two others (I have lots of different hobbies)

  2. I certainly have seen some gorgeous needlework today and yours is no exception! I used to do this too and hopefully haven’t forgotten how or lost my touch! I may be inspired to start up again soon!

  3. The needlework is really pretty..I use to do some cross stitching but my eyes are so bad now I haven’t tired any in years. I do share your love for books though..Great photos..My post is up too

  4. wow that does have some awesome detail. It is beautiful and wow at the amount of time you must have put into that peace. I have done a little bit of needle work ( nothing like you have here) and I know how much work goes in to it. Great job!!!

  5. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I like to cross stitch as well, but havent in about 3 years.
    You sure do have a lot of books. Good for you! Enjoy reading!

  6. I read on TN chicks comments that you are a new scrapbooker! I encourage you to try digital! Ask me if you need help. It is addictive!

    I love what you have sewn! I used to sew like that,but have no time because I have too many hobbies!

  7. I believe we have some of the same hobbies, (including a son who golfs), though I haven’t been able to do crewel in years. You do very lovely work. Thank you for visiting Pollywog Creek and leaving a comment, and I hope you have had a most blessed weekend.

  8. Hello Barbara,

    I love your bookshelf and the teddies that sit on the various decks. It’s such a pretty picture. The cross-stitch pieces are very nice too. I used to do that a lot when I was in highschool, but now that I’m out working, not much time for that anymore. However, I do hope to be able to do that again, very soon.

    Coincidentally, I am also having a similar rose picture as my desktop. I shot the rose while on vacation. After seeing your post and got excited that we have similar items on our desktops, I decided to take a snapshot of it and posted the same on my Webshots web album. Here’s the link. Your workspace is gorgeous and very, very tidy. 🙂

    Warm regards,

  9. Your needlepoint is beautiful, you must have patience. I’ve become consumed with blogging that is about all the reading I have time for, but I’ll get back to just relaxing with a book soon. Thank you for visiting my hobby photo.

  10. Hi Barbara. Your needlework pieces are gorgeous. I like how your bookshelves look so organized. I love reading too and I used to do a lot of cross stitching. Thanks for sharing.

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