Blogiversary winner and miscellany

When I posted my one year blog anniversary post, I was hoping for lots of “hellos” and “happy blogiversary” and such, and I thank you all for those — but what I hadn’t anticipated and was very surprised and touched about were the very kind, warm words of encouragement. I even got a little teary a time or two. Thanks so much — your words ministered to my heart.

I was also very surprised to hear from some readers whom I did not know were readers! Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know you’re there!

I just used the Custom Random Number Generator to draw a  the number of one of the comments to win the prize I was offering of a copy of Daily Light on the Daily Path and the CD A Quiet Heart, and got #19: Laurel Wreath! That’s especially exciting because I discovered Laurel’s one year anniversary was the day after mine — I told her I thought she was a blogging pro and had been at it much longer than I had!

Now to assorted miscellany:

If you knit or crochet or use wool in any way or just like cute designs,  go to this post and scroll down to the “Cuts of Lamb” t-shirt at the bottom of the post. Darling!

I feel all jumbled today. My morning started out with a partial message from one of our credit card companies about possible fraudulent usage. My youngest son had answered the phone just after waking up and didn’t quite get the message — it was a recorded call, and he handed it to my oldest son, who wrote down the last four numbers of the credit card they were referencing, so at least I knew which company to contact.

  • Here’s your free consumer safety tip for the day: when I get a call or especially an e-mail about problems with an account I never use the phone number they give me. I get out my account information and call the customer service number from there. I tend to be a little overcautious about possible scam phone calls, but we have gotten a few over the years, so it’s better to play it safe. With e-mails in particular, it can look very legitimate, but the link they have you click on to enter your personal information can be a false one designed to get unwary consumers to give out their personal account information to someone who then uses it for their own gain. This process is called “phishing.”

My husband handles all the bill paying, so I had to go dig around in his files for the account information, had to call him for the user ID and password to get into the account online before I called customer service, got a window saying because I was on a different computer I needed a verification code, went through that process, got the code in an e-mail at his account, tried it 3 or 4 times without it working, then got a window saying that the user ID and password were now inactive (I’m sure due to the multiple unsuccessful attempts to log on) and giving me a customer service phone number to call. So I called the number, waited on hold for really not too long, and got a very nice lady who gave me a new activication code and waited while to see if it worked for me, then transferred me to the division that asks about possible fraudulent purchases. Between the two ladies they asked me half a dozen or more security questions to verify that this was indeed my account, and then we finally got to the purchase in question. It was an online game my husband had authorized my sons to purchase, and they had entered the wrong expiration date for the card. So I OKed that, and she said everything was all clear.

Going through all of that just left my brain all jumbled, and the fact that at that point it was about 10:30 in the morning and I hadn’t yet had a shower or gotten dressed or had devotions or breakfast just left me feeling all out of sorts and even more jumbled mentally. But I am glad that it is hard to get into an account online and they they check out suspicious charges — it does make me feel secure about the safety of our account. And I reminded myself that all of the other usual morning routines would get done — just in a different order and a little later than usual.

I had to confess that when I called my husband, I was hoping he’d say he’d handle it. 🙂 But he was working, and it turns out it’s good I did anyway, because he didn’t remember the purchase in question, so that would have prolonged the whole process even more.

One other bit of miscellaneous news, probably not important or noticeable to anyone but me… I did a little reorganizing of my sidebar. It was way too long and messy. I organized some of the graphics near the bottom into types — before then I had just been putting each new one in at the bottom or at random. Plus I deleted the list of blogs on the Family Friendly Blogroll…which probably means I will be removed, as many most of those blogrolls require you to keep the blogroll on your site in order for your blog to be on it. I don’t have a problem with that except that the free WordPress blogs don’t allow any kind of javascript which is usually in the code needed to list the blogroll. This is old news to some bloggers, but new to others — it’s set up that way so that as new blogs are added or old ones deleted, your blogroll is automatically updated. Plus most of them have a little drop-down window so that you can click on it and see the list of blogs registered with that blogroll. The code for that doesn’t work with the free WP blogs, either, so in order to be listed I had to include the whole list of blogs listed with the Family Friendly blogroll and then update it manually. That long, long list had been bugging me ever since I put it up, and that’s why I didn’t list my blog with other blogrolls — my sidebar would have gone on for miles. I know that’s a great way to get your blog “out there” and gain a little more blog traffic, but I just couldn’t stand the long sidebar any more, so I deleted all the individual blog names and just left the link to the blogroll. It seems to me like that should be enough to remain on, but if the powers that be deem otherwise, I understand. It will just have to be that way unless I switch to a blog host that will accept the code.

My own personal blogroll isn’t really up to date, either. Since I started using Bloglines, I’ve been updating the blogs I read there rather than here. I have 95 blogs listed there, though, and I don’t want another long list on my sidebar (all of them don’t post every day, else I’d be in trouble and have to pare down the list. Some are even retired, but I keep the link there in case they come back). I put in a request to WP for a dropdown menu for the blogroll like they have for Categories, but no response yet. I think there’s a way to make a link so that when someone clicks on a blogroll, they go to my list at Bloglines — I may check into that. I love having a blogroll to recommend other good blogs — I just don’t want to have such a lengthy list on my sidebar.

Well, I am not doing so well with making shorter posts, am I? I’m off to e-mail Laurel and visit the blogs of some of the commenters on my blogiversary post.

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Blogiversary winner and miscellany

  1. Way to go on your one year blogaversary! 🙂 I wish I had seen your other post soon enough to enter the drawing, but congrats to the winner! I so love reading your lovely thoughts and musings! Keep blogging!

  2. Congratulations on the winners!
    Barbara, I can see why you were all jumbled up this morning. Looking through piles of papers for a certain one and then calling credit card companies is not my favorite thing to do..LOL I’m glad that everything got straightened out!

  3. We have a similar early morning call from our credit card company. It really is disconcerting!! Our’s was like yours and a ligitement charge. I was like you, after the fact. Thankful that they were being so alert to question it.

  4. Congratulations to the winner! I had every intention of entering, but was so busy getting ready for camp and having church in our house that I didn’t get a chance to get over here. Please know that it wasn’t because I don’t appreciate your blog, because it’s one of my favorites. You’re a great blessing and encouragement to me, Barbara!

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