Show and Tell Friday: Boyd’s Bear figurines

show-and-tell.jpg Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home hosts “Show and Tell Friday” asking “Do you have a something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, an antique find. Your show and tell can be old or new. Use your imagination and dig through those old boxes in your closet if you have to! Feel free to share pictures and if there’s a story behind your special something, that’s even better! If you would like to join in, all you have to do is post your “Show and Tell” on your blog, copy the post link, come over here and add it to Mr. Linky. Guidelines are here.“

I used to like all kinds of bears, and then I discovered Boyd’s Bear figurines. I love them! They’re so cute and so detailed. Through the years my family, mainly my mom and my husband, have given me various ones. Some of my favorites are the ones that reflect my interests or what’s going in my life.

I have several “couples,” most given to me by my husband. This one is special because he gave it to me on our last anniversary because we had gotten engaged while sitting on a log in a state park.


This is where we’re headed. 🙂

Boyd's Bear couple

Here are a couple of the “Mom” ones.

Boyd's Bear moms

This reflects my love of reading…

Boyd's Bear book lover

…and chocolate. 🙂 And hearts.

Boyd's Bear chocolate lover

This is a Boyd’s Bear Collector.

Boyd's Bear Collector

I love Irish folk music, and this bear is holding sheet music for “The Last Rose of Summer.”

Boyd's Bear singer

My mom gave me this one when we were home schooling several years ago. This was one of my first Boyd’s Bears.


I love these gals “just because.”

Boyd's Bear ladies

Cooking is, of course, one of my major duties.

Boyd's Bear cook

This is a little sewing basket. I used to do a lot more sewing.

Boyd's Bear sewing basket

Finally I want to show you the little curio cabinets where most of these stay (though I have several throughout the house.) These were just little cheapie ones at Wal-Mart, and we discovered when we got them home and put together that they weren’t deep enough for many of the figurines. So my husband took apart the back and added about an inch of wood all around the back and added a mirror because the bears really weren’t showing up well amidst all the brown. Isn’t he talented?

My curio cabinets

39 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday: Boyd’s Bear figurines

  1. I kept trying to think which one was my favorite, and I realized that we must be a lot alike, because they are all my favorites, and all things similar to me!!

    Cute and sweet, and your husband is very talented!

  2. Oh, they are all sooooo cute! I really can’t chose my favourite out of them!

    Well done for your hubby, he did a great job!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  3. I WUV ‘EM!!! I used to collect bears as well, stuffed ones and figurins. I still have a few of my Boyd Bear items.

    Since I am a homeschooling mom, my fave is the mom with the chalkboard!

    Oh and your hubby did a great job on those curio boxes. They look great!

  4. You have a wonderful collection. I especially like the couple on the bench. My husband I read out lo each other sometimes and it made me think about those fun times. I think I’m shaped like that bear, too 😉 Your husband was clever expanding the back of the cabinets, and he did a fabulous job. He’s a keeper!

  5. Absolutely fantastic!! [I love the fact about the one on the log…great idea…your hubby is a keeper for thinking like he did!!!]

    Great show and tell!! Mine’s posted too. About an ‘antique’ keyboard of mine!!!

  6. I’ve always admired the Boyds Bears collection, they make me smile when I look at them:-) You have a fabulous collection of them and I love the idea your hubby had of putting a mirror at the back of the cabinets!! xo

  7. Wow, that is quite a collection! Very nice!

    You asked about making watermarks on my blog. My husband is going to *try* to put together a tutorial—hopefully soon!

    BUT you may not need it. I see you are using WordPress, just like me. There is a plug-in you can download that will automatically add watermarks to your photos if you have the photopress plug-in. That’s how we did mine.

  8. I also collect Boyd’s Bears figurines!! My munchkin is fascinated by them and each day my husband or I take one down for him to examine. The look on his face when he does so is precious!!! I plan to add to my collection with his milestones.

    Beautiful collection, Barbara!!

  9. Oh, I just love your Mom and Pop bears. I have some Grandpa and Grandma Bears. Some of my Grandchildren have given to me and I just love them. Thanks for showing them to us. connie from Texas

  10. GREAT collection. I’m a fan of these bears too. Gripe water is given to babies for colic or gas or general stomach discomfort. My son would spit out his soother when he saw the bottle coming. He loved the stuff!!

  11. What a fun and very cute collection! I love to see what other people collect. My favorites in the above are the “just because” gals with the roses!

    And I want to say thanks also for your comments on my blog today.

  12. Thanks Barbara for sharing. I have the Bear Collector also. I love the one of the reader and the sewer.
    I joined the club just last month and they sent me a catalog. If you have that you can go to their site and they’ll tell you where you can order the ones in there. I saw one or two I really like.
    Next Tuesday I am going to fly to Baltimore. My son’s family live in Emmitsburg, Maryland which is less than an hour from the Boyd’s Barn in Gettysburg. I have already put in my request for a trip there. The grands love to go too.
    Mama Bear

  13. I have several Boyd’s Bears too, love them! I couldn’t view the display cabinets, keep getting the little x’s there, I’ll try again. Have you read the newsletters BB’s used to do (don’t know if they still do or not) they are so very cute with the wording!

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Your husband IS very talented! I can see he did a wonderful job with the display. 😀

    The pictures are WONDERFUL. You have a great collection of bears there!

    Have a good weekend, Barbara!

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  17. Hi! I was looking at your blog and wondering if you are looking to purchase Boyds Bears? Some examples of the resin figurines I want to sell are:

    -Justina.. the message “bearer” 27E/874 2273 1995
    -Dr Harrison Griz.. MD, PHD, BUD 16E/644 228309 1998
    -Miliken VonHinden Moose…Tree’s Company 11E/502 2832 1998
    – Nana McHare and Peapod 7E/2263 2849 1998
    -library book 6E/2388 65427 1998

  18. Hello,

    I have quite a collection of Boyds Figurines myself..Unfortunately I have to sell them to make room. If you are interested as to which one’s I have and $$ please contact me.

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