Odds and Ends

If you’ve ever seen del.icio.us referred to and wondered what it was all about, Jeremy found a video that explains it in very simple terms for non-technical people like me. 🙂

Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home showed the cutest little Keepsake Envelope Folders. They’re just perfect for small but meaningful gifts for a friend or even a “secret sister” if your church ladies’ group has that kind of program.

I am having a blast looking through the Artful Blogger party contributions, graciously hostessed by ArtsyMama. I’m maybe about halfway through. Even though I might not do some of the specific crafts shown, it’s inspiring creatively and mentally just to see what people come up with. Such imagination out there! I’ve bookmarked several, but one of my favorites is cards made from hankie designs by Yapping Cat Studio (this was what I meant when I said some of these folks are light years ahead of me, but, hey, ya gotta start somewhere. This was so inspiring and just plain lovely!) Some of my other favorites are tutorials about making decorative bows by Sugar Bear, making crepe paper ruffles by Natasha Burns, and sewing on paper by Julie. I’ll be spending free time over the next couple of days checking out the rest of them!

I don’t mind the verifications codes that some blog hosts require when you post a comment — well, not too much most days. 🙂 I know it’s a necessary step to block robotic spamming. But I do get frustrated when Blogger shoves letters all together so you can’t make them out easily like this:

Blogger silliness

Which is a v and which is a w and how can you tell what is a w and what are two vs stuck together? Whatever this was, I didn’t get it right and another (longer!) code came up. If I could send a plea to the powers that be at Blogger — please spread the letters out a bit! 😀

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  1. I see what you mean. I have a tough to trying to figure out the one you posted. I think Chris has a point too — it’d be nice if Blogger uses words instead of letters.

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