Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Metal


Theme: Metal | Become a Photo Hunter

There are several interesting metal sculptures around town –at least I think they are metal. They look like it.

This is one I tried to get a shot of when the theme was “Row,” but it was too late in the day and too dark. Since I am supposed to be keeping my foot up today, I asked my oldest son to see if he could get a better shot for me.

Kids' statues

This is a view from the back:

Kids' statues

Here are a couple that my middle son took a while back:

statue reading paper

Mother and child statue

This is another one my oldest son took of my youngest son a few years ago (he’s at least a foot taller now!)

I enjoy seeing these and others around town.

47 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Metal

  1. Oh, these are absolutely wonderful! How lucky you are to have them in your town. The photos are great — especially that last with the real boy among the statues.


  2. Those are all so wonderful. Those are all in your town? That is great. I love the view from the back of the kids pledging allegience. Wonderful shots for metal Barbara.
    have a blessed Easter!

  3. I love these bronze statues that are used as urban art. I especially love the Mother and child at the fountain. We have some around town too.
    Have a happy Easter weekend.

  4. These are fabulous! I’m very impressed and love the one where a “real” child can join in the ring around a rosie. I’d like to come back and browse your blog and find out more about you! What town do you live in? You should check out my post just before the photo hunters one – it’s about Good Friday. Happy blessed Easter to you! 😀

  5. Those are wonderful statues. I love the photo of your younger son ‘dancing’ with the statues. Very cool.

    Have a blessed Easter weekend – He is Risen!

  6. Really like those statues that are around your town.
    Great entries for the theme.

    Good luck with keeping your foot up today! Hope it’s only for a day for longer is no fun.

    Happy Easter !

  7. We have a famous statue called The Angel of the North, close by.
    A great choice for photohunter Saturday, which is very new to me…but I am enjoying it!


  8. I love this sort of art. There’s a sculptor whose name escapes me that does lots of this and the pieces are so life-like that people walk up to ask for directions sometimes. Wonderful entry!

  9. Wow, you folks have lots of art around your town. That’s great. These pictures are excellent. I love the one with your son holding the statues hands, that’s really cute.

  10. I love this type of urban art. We’ve got a couple of giant, rusting metal corkscrew sculptures stuck in city parks. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Barbara. Sorry for the late visit. Great photos! I love the beautiful sculptures. I love the mother and child by the fountain and the last fun shot of your son.

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