Easter Reading

People say the cross is a sign of how much man is worth. That’s not true. The cross is a sign of how depraved we really are, that it took the death of God’s own Son. The only thing that could save a people like us was the death of God’s own Son under the wrath of His own Father paying the price, rising again from the dead. Powerful to say, this is the Gospel of Jesus. — Paul Washer

I haven’t posted much about Easter this year because I posted a lot of material last year. I’ll recap some of it:

Thirteen quotes from scholars about the resurrection and thirteen witnesses to the resurrection.

Easter quotes 1

Easter quotes 2.

Easter quotes 3.

Easter quotes 4.

Easter treats.

Hope you have a blessed day tomorrow!


(Graphic courtesy of Julia Bettencourt)

(Updated 2/22/22 to repair and eliminate broken links. I had several other links here, but the sites are no longer operational.)

3 thoughts on “Easter Reading

  1. Amen! He is risen indeed!
    I have had computer problems and lost an email. Did you ask for my sons address? Or was that someone else? Sorry but it was on my hubbies computer which crashed while we were traveling and is on for repairs.

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