Blue Monday & etc.

  • We had a bit of drama this morning when Jim’s mom called about 7:30 a.m. saying her hearing aid was broken. He had left already, and I told her to get her old one in the meantime, but she couldn’t find it. I went over, and thankfully figured out that the tube had just come out of the earpiece and was able to easily get it back in. It’s working fine but I am afraid it might happen again when she tales it in and out. Jim said we could probably take it in to get the tube replaced — it’s just probably gotten a little too flexible with use. Then when I went to look for her old hearing aid, I couldn’t find it, either, and almost started to panic. Turns out she had it in — but without a battery. So I replaced the battery in it and showed her where the case was and left a note for the people who work there in case it happens again.
  • Jesse’s home sick today with a pretty bad cold. I am hoping it doesn’t spread through the family.
  • Jason and his girlfriend, Mittu, have this one last day before they start back to classes, but they both have papers due, so I expect it will be a pretty quiet day. I had thought about making Christmas cookies today — I have kind of gotten away from that the last few years. But between the work they need to do and Jesse’s cold, it might not be the best time.
  • I was bummed that Toni and Dallas didn’t make it into the Amazing Race final 3. That was so sad! He’s going to be kicking himself about losing their money and passports for a long time, I’m afraid. The two guys have made so many mistakes I really felt it was their time to go. If they end up winning…I am going to be even more bummed.
  • The next two weeks are really busy both with stuff to do and things to attend. Sat. night we have out adult Sunday School Christmas party, Sunday is church as usual, Monday is the ladies’ Christmas party, Tuesday is Jesse’s first basketball game, Wed. is prayer meeting as usual, Thursday is Jesse’s piano recital, then Friday is his second BB game. I’m not one who likes to “go and do” that much — I am getting tired just thinking about it! So, since there are so many things to attend next week, I am hoping to get a bunch of stiff done this week. All I really want to do right now is sit here and fiddle around on the computer! But I need to make a master list so I can best use my time this week.
  • On to Blue Monday:

Smiling Sally hosts a Blue Monday in which we can post about anything blue — pretty, ugly, serious or funny — and then link up to other Blue Monday participants.

This is a Paula Vaughan cross stitch pattern: one of my sisters made it for me several years ago.


I paired it with a quote of Proverbs31:24-26 in calligraphy from Doorposts which I placed in a blue frame and a partially blue mat.

Paula Vaughn piece my sister stitched for me

I thought they went well together not only because of the color but because of the reference to clothing in the verse and the dress in the cross stitch — letting our physical clothes remind us of the need to be clothed with strength and honor even in — especially in our homes.

15 thoughts on “Blue Monday & etc.

  1. Your MIL is fortunate to live close enough to have someone to help her; it’s hard to get old. I remember when my mom had so many difficult times. (sigh)

    I do hope that you all don’t get sick. Drink some orange juice!

    Why do kids wait until the LAST minute to do homework? As a teacher, I never understood and still don’t. I have the mindset to do the yucky chore and then enjoy my life.

    You have a generous sister to work so hard on a gift. I like the combination. Happy Blue Day!

  2. Great blue monday post……I SO AGREE with you. I watch the amazing race too, and could not believe it when they showed up last on the mat. I was so sad for them, I sat here and cried. I agree…..those two frat boys may work their magic and end up winning…..I hope not. Have a great week.

  3. Happy Blue Monday! How great that your live so close to MIL to help her! The cross stitch is very pretty and how special is must be to you. I miss having a sister. I hope Jesse feels better and I hope your collegians get their papers completed with some time to rest up for classes.
    You do have a lot to go to this week. Pfew! Have a fantastic week!

  4. We have a terrible time trying to get my mother-in-law to wear her hearing aid – she doesn’t like to use up the battery. It’s almost impossible to talk to her on the phone! So I know where my hubby gets his stubborn streak. Lovely cross stitch – I’d love to be able to do such neat work! Great photos for Blue Monday!

  5. It’s wonderful that your mother-in-law has you so close. The cross stitch is lovely. It must have taken hours to create. How nice that your sister gave it to you. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Boy, it sounds like you had your hands full today! I can remember my grandmother grinding her teeth in the garbage disposal and my poor aunt searching every inch of her home until they figured out what had happened.

    Such a pretty crosstich! The perfect touch for Blue Monday! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Sending love to you for a Happy Blue Monday… hoping your day ends better than it started! 🙂



  7. Barbara,

    I am so glad you stopped by for a visit. That is such a beautiful way to wrap up your blue Monday post! Thank you for blessing me with that closing thought. Have a sweet week, I’ll say a little prayer for your sick one.

    Miss Sandy

  8. I think I’m going to have to start making a daily To Do List too! I’m getting really lazy and neglecting to do things the way I used to! I think a list might help.

  9. Hi Barbara…..your MIL is so blessed to have you in her life. And you do have a busy week coming up!! My!! I remember busy times like that! Whew! I promise to pray for you AND I don’t do alot of holiday baking because it is just me and my DH here but when I do, I try to share some with our son and his wife and single/widowed people at church. I’m actually planning to bake a little today…..we’ll see if it actually happens. *grin*

  10. It’s crazy how bummed I was that those two got out in the Amazing Race. They were my faves from the very beginning. I felt just sick when that cab drove off with their passports and money. If those 2 frat boys win I’ll just be choked. They’ve been bumbling through and I have no idea how they made it this far. LOL. I guess we’ll see this Sunday.

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