Deep Waters

I mentioned a few weeks back that George and Gerry Stouffer were at our church’s missions conference, and for a couple of the meetings some of their sons came to sing with them. I was so blessed by the music — wonderfully done, beautiful harmonies, but most of all a heart of service and blessing underneath it all. I bought their CDs and have been thoroughly enjoying them.

This particular song has been speaking to my heart in a special way. I think I have heard it before. It’s based on Luke 5:1-11. I don’t think I would ever have made that application from the passage — that if you obey the Lord’s sending you out into the “deep waters” of life, He’ll bless you in ways you never expected, but that certainly is true.

Their fishing nets were empty when they first saw the Lord.
All night they had been fishing in the waters by the shore.
The Lord said “Go to deep waters, cast your nets once more.”
And because they obeyed, they would never be the same.

Go to deep waters, deep waters, where only faith will let you go.
Go out to deep waters, deep waters, harvests of faith will overflow.

They cast their nets and almost before they could begin
Their nets were overflowing and they had to pull them in.
And though this was their greatest catch their fishing days would end.
For they abandoned all when they heard the master’s call.

Go to deep waters, deep waters, where only faith will let you go.
Go out to deep waters, deep waters, harvests of faith will overflow.

~ Pepper Choplin

You can hear a 90-second clip of it here. (Updated 9/3/18: Some of the links I had here were no longer active, so I deleted them. I did find a different group, Project 10 Men, singing it on YouTube here).


(Source of painting unknown. I saw it in two places with no comment as to it’s name or the name of the painter. If you know either, please let me know.)

8 thoughts on “Deep Waters

  1. I love those lyrics! Their style isn’t something that I would listen to on a regular basis – you know… I’m a rock n roll/country girl! But it is a beautiful song! I think I’ll share it with out music director at church — he might want to use it!

  2. I loved this song, Barbara. The acapella style fits it, I think, esp. with the men’s voices. I’d never heard it before. And I just downloaded it from! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. OH! and I just discovered from looking at the photo of the Stouffers that I have one of the sons (Bruce) as a student in one of my classes. How about that? 🙂

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