Christmasy at last!

No “Blue Monday” today. It wouldn’t take too long to put a post up for it, but I feel the point of those interactive memes is to interact, LOL! I have a whole list of things to get done today, so since I don’t have time to visit around for that, I’ll refrain this week. I’ve been by to see some of my regulars already and will see the rest later on.

We finally got our Christmas tree up this weekend. I say finally — it’s not terribly far into December yet. But when we had originally planned to do it earlier, it seems like we’re running late. We like to do it all together, so as long as we have family nearby to do it, we’ll arrange our time to do it together. It just gets so much harder as kids get older and have college classes and work obligations. So because of that we went to get the tree on Sunday, something we don’t normally do.

We have Grandma with us on Sundays through church and dinner and brought clothes for her to change into to go get the tree. She did that but then wanted to go home before we decorated it. I think she was just wearing out, plus she said even when her kids were small she never did much with decorating — her husband and kids put all the ornaments on the tree. I think if she had stayed she would have enjoyed watching the antics of the kids — it’s always a riot as they put the ornaments on. We always do some odd things — maybe it comes of having older boys. There is a hook in the ceiling that the previous owners had either a lamp or a hanging plant on that we’ve never removed. One year one of the boys put a snowflake ornament there. The next year I kept saying, “No, don’t put that there,” so now it has become sort of a family joke to get the snowflake up there before I tell them not to. We have weird traditions, I know, LOL! But to me that’s the best kind — the kind that just arise from the moment. Then we have this one angel that my husband and I bought our first Christmas together that came apart a few years ago, and I keep forgetting to either fix it or get rid of it (do other people do this? When we get ornaments out I find ones that need a little repair work and think I’ll get to it some time. Then when we put ornaments away in January I think I’ll get it next year. So they stay in the box unused — unless my kids get to them and find unique ways to use them. My oldest called them “the island of misfit ornaments.”) So one year they hung the head separately from the body. There are one or two ornaments that they do something “different” with every year. It sounds weird, I know, and it is. But it’s one of those things unique to our family.

At one point while we were driving home with the tree on top of the van, Jesse and Jason kept saying it was sliding. They had been talking about seeing the shadow of it while we were driving, so I thought they meant it looked like it was scooting backwards. Just as we were slowing down to turn into a parking lot to see what was going on, it slid off the side and was just hanging by the twine tied to the luggage rack on the roof. We could just imagine what people in other cars thought — a new way to transport your Christmas tree! The two older guys had cameras but didn’t think to take a picture. I would have loved to post a picture of the tree hanging down the side of the car with just the title “Ooops!”

So now the tree is up and the house is decorated and I feel all Christmasy. I love the pine smell in the living room and the way the lights look when the rest of the room is dark.

Last week was supposed to be my week to get lots done while this week has a lot of events to go to, but everything didn’t get done last week that I had planned — one task took longer than planned plus I didn’t use my time to the best advnatge earlier in the week. So…I’d best get to it. I had planned to do a couple of memes I’ve been tagged for, but I’ve chattered on so much I’ll need to save those for another day.

Happy Monday!

15 thoughts on “Christmasy at last!

  1. I think your “weird” traditions are cute! We have plenty of things going on in our family that a lot of people would think are weird, but we have lots of fun with them. I’d love to have seen your tree hanging off the side of your car! LOL

  2. It would have been great to see your tree hanging on the side of your van, Barbara! LOL I can kind of visually picture it! *smile* We have some rather unusual holiday traditions, too, and that is what being a family is all about! ((HUGS))

  3. Hi Barbara!
    Thanks for stopping by my place for Thanksgiving 🙂 We had a houseful. It’s been a long steady push to get the house decorated for Christmas since then. That whole decorating thing goes much more slowly now because of my hand, but I did have lots of help from family this year.

    I hope your Christmas is perfect this year and filled with the things that are really important to you. Seems like everyone I know is rethinking priorities this year. That’s a good thing!

    Many Blessings – DK

  4. Oh Barbara, I laughed just picturing your tree sliding down the side! At least you didn’t lose it completely.
    That’s what makes Christmas so unique and special is the ‘weird’ things that happen and become tradition. Hanging the ‘decapitated’ ornament cracked me up too. Sounds like something I’d do.
    Enjoy the smells of the season!
    God bless,
    Brenda 🙂

  5. Your “weird” traditions sound fun. With two little girls, it’s fun to read about Christmas with older boys!

    We put our tree up on Sunday too. My husband never much enjoys it, but he was just in a great mood… So we kept joking about whether it was time for him to start being grumpy yet. So I guess that’s one of our weird traditions!

    Maybe I’ll go hang an ornament on one of the unused ceiling hooks in our house, and see if anyone notices… 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great day!! That’s what getting ready for Christmas is all about: Spending time with family and enjoying those traditions. I think it helps ready the heart for the coming of our Lord 🙂

  7. I find that as the years go by, less and less actually “gets done” for the holidays! I used to bake up a storm! Now we’re all watching our weight… so what’s the point? I’ve cut back how many cards I send out… I used to practically wrap the entire house in ribbons and bows — I never do that anymore. Life just gets too busy! (and then there’s the blog!) LOL! But I’m happy with what is up… I just need to get some of the clutter GONE … again. Clutter is such a nuisance!

    I LOVE the sound of your silly traditions! That IS what makes our celebrations unique and fun for us! And I would have loved to see a pic of the tree slipping off too… but I totally understand how “the moment” would catch you – to get it back UP – and forget to take pictures! 😉

  8. It sounds like you and your crazy boys have lots of fun decorating, Barbara. I love the “island of misfit ornaments.” I have a bunch of those, too 🙂 One of these years I’m going to get out the glue gun and fix them. I keep threatening. you never know around here if you’ll find the pointsettia napkin rings hanging from the plant in the living room.

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