Have you seen the video seen round the world, Susan Boyle’s surprising performance in Britain’s Got Talent?

What a magnificent voice! And what a sweet little lady she seems to be. Diane has some more information on her here: evidently she suffered a bit of brain damage at birth, has been taking care of her mother for years, was unable to sing for two years since her mother’s death, and went on the show because her mother had wanted her to.

But as fun as the “Cinderella story” is, I am just appalled at the audience’s initial reaction and at the reports that Susan was picked on as a child. Think of the utter ridicule she would have suffered on that stage if she had not had a good voice — and how sad it would be that people would think such ridicule is justified. Why, with all the emphasis on tolerance in the last several years, has society missed the most basic tolerance that people should be valued because we are all created in God’s image whether we’re “beautiful” by society’s standards or young or old or talented or not or whatever.

I appreciate and agree with the article Diane linked to, The Beauty That Matters Is Always Inside by Colette Douglas Home of The Herald, especially the last two paragraphs.

12 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Oh Barbara- I totally agree with you- my husband and I had this same conversation when we first saw this on the news- It is just a shame how we judge others – if we could all only see as Christ does. She has a beautiful voice!
    God bless~ Gail

  2. TOTALLY AGREE! I saw this the other day and I had the exact same thoughts about the audience’s reaction and the end of that Youtube clip I cried and cried. That woman IS beautiful – even without knowing her background story. She’s amazing. Especially since, as you say, she was created in God’s image.

    GREAT post. Very needed.

  3. I totally agree with you on this. First impressions are often so wrong about a person and then when something like what she did happens, it’s like all is forgiven. It has always amazed me. I hope she does well with everything she does. She deserves it. And she is a strong woman to do what she did. Brava to her. I am posting a link back to my blog, hope you don’t mind. I posted an article from People Magazine this morning on her. She sang the song a cappella. A great inspiration she is. ScuttleButtMoTV

  4. We do judge by appearances, and it’s a shame. I was amazed when I first heard her sing (two days ago). I can’t help but wonder what she’ll look like with her hair done and her eyebrows plucked. (I know, I know, … shame on me.)

  5. I said that the FIRST time I watched this! I told my husband – look how they’re reacting to her! They think she’s a country bumpkin! Boy! She showed ’em! And the look on Simon’s face was just PRICELESS — but then he STILL acted like a jerk when it was over — saying he “knew” she was going to be fabulous! Mm hmmmm….

  6. Wes and I watched that video clip last night, and one of the thoughts I had was . . . how sad that they judged her based solely on her appearance and mannerisms until she began to sing. Then she suddenly had worth. It’s appalling that the majority of society doesn’t accept someone as valuable just because she is another human being.

  7. Just amazing!!! Truly Amazing. Now if that voice could come out of this ugly duckling, I would be happy. Even just a fraction of that voice. Can I have just a fraction? She is truly amazing!

  8. For some reason, the clip won’t play, and I didn’t see it on t.v. But someone made a similar point about this woman in a letter to NPR that I heard last night on the radio… Basically, they asked why it should be news that someone who may not meet society’s standards of attractiveness should have amazing talent.

    Praise God, who uses the humble things of the world to shame the great.

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  10. I was appalled, too, by the audiences reaction, especially by a particular woman who had the cheek to make faces. Who gave them the right to judge another person like that? It also shows how superficial people have become.

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