By request: gold curlicues and bookmark tutorial

When I posted about our ladies’ luncheon at church, Sally said she wished she could see the gold curly things in the centerpieces a little better, and Mama Bear asked if I might do a tutorial on the bookmarks we used as favors. I am happy to do both.

Here are those curlicue thingys en masse.

Gold curliques

They were a dark reddish brown and came four to a stalk at $1.98 at Hobby Lobby, and I got them at half price. I don’t know what they’re called, but they were in with the floral stems. I spray-painted them in gold to go along with our color theme. We used about three per bud vase, varying the heights. Here’s a hastily reassembled one to give you an idea of how we used them.

Luncheon centerpiece

Bookmark tutorial:

1. You can buy book-marked sized cardstock at craft stores, usually in white or off-white. You can also cut them out of any color or style of card stock. If you cut them 2″ x 6″ you can get 12 out of a sheet of 12 x 12″ card stock, but you can make them larger or slightly smaller than that as well.

Unless you have a very steady hand, it’s best to use a paper-cutter. Either the craft or office variety will work. I don’t usually use decorative scissors on this base piece, though you could.

2. The second layer is usually decorative paper. Scrapbooking paper works great, but anything will do. If the base is a solid color, I like for this part to be patterned, although a complementing solid color will do. I often do use decorative scissors or paper punches on this layer. It should be cut slightly smaller than the base piece and glued on with a glue stick. You could use two different patterned pieces as well — one on the top third or half and another on the bottom.

3. The next layer is usually where a verse or quote goes. Those can be printed on the computer or with stamps or hand-written on solid-colored paper. If I am making several bookmarks at once, I’ll print several on a sheet of paper from the computer or stamp several on one page so they’re “at the ready.”

This layer should be cut slightly smaller than the decorative second layer — maybe 1/8 of an inch less or so all around. It can be cut back way more, depending on what else you might be using for a design, but be sure to leave the same margin of “white space” all around so it doesn’t look lopsided. Again, decorative scissors or paper punched can be used.

4. Add embellishments — stickers, bits of ribbon, etc. Just remember that for the main part of the bookmark you want it to lie flat, so put anything that is raised near the top so that part can stick out of the book.

If you are laminating the bookmarks, you don’t have to glue things that securely, but if not, be sure that everything is glued down really well.

Here are some examples. Most have appeared on my blog at some time, but I wanted to put them all in one spot here.

This is the one from the ladies’ luncheon. It’s very simple, all solid colors, little embellishment or decoration, mainly because we needed to make so many of the same type.

Ladies' Luncheon 09 favor

You can see what I mean here by trying to have the same “margins” all the way around — though, technically, the white part with the verse should have come down a little. The circle at the top was printed on the computer using clip art and Avery 1″ circular stickers (#5410).

Here are a few our ladies’ group made to send to our missionaries:

You can see that some use the decorative scissors and paper punches on different parts. The two in the middle have corners rounded off by a paper punch made for that purpose.

Here are a few more:


This one also has most of the corners rounded off. The little heart design across the bottom of the white paper is from a paper punch.


Some people like to put ribbons at the top that would then stick out of the book. Personally I don’t really care for ribbons sticking out of my book, and this adds an extra step in the process. But you can punch a small hole or two at the top and add a ribbon if you’d like (I’ll have to add a picture later as I am running out of time.)

These make for a fun group project, especially if everyone isn’t making the exact same type. Everyone brings their own equipment, and we all are spurred on by each other’s ideas. It is good to make more than you think you will need, as you’ll have to go through them and do a little quality control afterward.

I hope this is clear! If not, please let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

I am linking this post to Kelli’s Paper Crafting Wednesday. She’s much better at tutorials than I am!

13 thoughts on “By request: gold curlicues and bookmark tutorial

  1. Boy you are creative and a thrifty shopper (1/2 price) Love it. These are beautiful. I’m no artist at all … can’t even draw a stick figure right so I so enjoy seeing others creativity. Aloha 🙂

  2. Wow! Those homemade book marks look really professional. I’d lose patience half way through and get sloppy with the glue. I admire people who do the painstaking stuff!

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