If you left a comment recently…

…on the post “Caring for Elderly Parents,” I apologize, but it was accidentally deleted. It was in my spam folder, which I do check every day, because sometimes legitimate comments get caught in there. But I only skim those posts lightly because they are so often vile (why do spammers not find better uses of their time??!!) I skimmed through the spam comments, clicked delete, and just before it disappeared saw what looked like a legitimate lengthy comment on the post about elderly parents, mentioning something about coming up to the one year mark of having moved my mother-in-law near to us. I checked with the WordPress support forum, and there is no way to get it back.

I hope whoever left that comment sees this and resubmits it. I would very much like to read what you had to say! My apologies again.

4 thoughts on “If you left a comment recently…

  1. Aye — I check my spam folder often, too, then feel the need for a shower, but how does one scrub their brain? Prayer before entering and after leaving!

  2. Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for the kind comments. As far as the radio station is concerned, everything is still very vague right now. We think we all have at least 90 days, but even that isn’t certain. We are all really living by faith right now, not by sight!

  3. Barbara
    I enjoyed reading through your blog and getting got know you better. I was Blessed!
    I will be back. 🙂
    Take care. Lisa

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