Jon and Kate

I don’t watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. I’ve caught just a few minutes of it here and there as I’ve flipped through channels. My fleeting impressions were that Kate was high-strung and somewhat disrespectful of her husband and that Jon seemed to be just…there.

I am very sad to hear that they are planning to divorce. I would hope they’d go for some type of counseling. All too often I have known of people to struggle silently in their marriages and then decide to divorce without trying to get help in the mean time, and it seems once that course of action is decided, the door is shut to any thought of healing and reconciliation. I am from a divorced family. The Bible calls marriage a coming together of a man and woman to become one flesh, and the rending of that relationship is just as painful as real flesh tearing.

But what also saddens me is the “chatter” I’m seeing on various blogs and Facebook about them, especially among Christians, whose speech is supposed to be “always with grace, seasoned with salt,” (seasoned with salt, not primarily consisting of salt.)

I admit I struggle with where the lines are between evaluation and judgment, criticism vs. critcal thinking, discussion and gossip. I don’t always know where the line is that crosses from one to the other.

I do know it is a major mistake to assign motives when we don’t know what is going on in another’s heart.

Of course, inviting the public into your everday lives means they are going to see faults and failures as well as everyday life, and of course we can learn from others’ mistakes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t exerise compassion as well.

16 thoughts on “Jon and Kate

  1. I have seen these two all over the net also and saw one post a couple days back that was dedicated to them and what was going on. I have no clue even who or what they are. I take it they were on TV. Anyway, I really don’t care what’s going on with them because I don’t know who they are. If they are getting divorce…oh well…something isn’t working out but there again, have they even tried to work on their problems? And I’m just thinking out lout here,m but if they are famous…maybe it’s all a publicity stunt.

  2. I have been feeling this same way. It also brings to mind the probably thousands of couples who divorce daily that are not famous and on a television show. It is heart breaking.

    I always enjoy your blog 🙂

  3. They DO make for some interesting blog fodder. I’ve struggled withthem myself because I reviewed their Multiple Bles8ings book and THEN I caught a few episodes of the show. (I didn’t know it was a show when I read the book.) I didn’t much care for the way that Kate treated Jon and it made it hard for me to feel I had supported the book. (Still does.)

    But. It is more of a sad story and you are right – graciousness is what is required and I’m glad you posted the “admonishment” to us all. I need to rethink my own thoughts and make some corrections.

  4. Well said, Barbara. I don’t watch the show either but you can’t help but hear about this couple with all the media looking in on their lives. I agree with everything you said here. It’s very sad, especially for their children.

  5. Took me a minute to find the link but I think this post sums it up best:

    It touched me and made me think about how I judge people and how due to circumstances or had I made other decisions in my life, I could be them. It’s a good reminder that there is only one Judge.

    I feel badly for the whole situation and I’m praying for them.

    I didn’t watch the show either.

  6. I have never heard of Jon and Kate, but the admonishment against judging others is good no matter what the context. Thanks for the reminder. (And I said a prayer for the couple, their marriage & their children.)

  7. I’ve caught a glimpse of their show here and there and was never impressed enough to stay tuned and watch it. But, it’s sad that they are ending this way, especially when all those beautiful kids are going to be without parents that are together.

  8. It is all so sad to me. I am heartbroken that the kids will see all this in syndication for years to come. Who wants to watch the break up of their parents’ marriage along with millions of strangers?

  9. I not only don’t know who they are… I’d never even heard of them until this post! My friends must not watch it either… I’m assuming it’s another “reality” show… I have enough “reality” happening in my own life! I don’t need to watch OR evaluate others!!! LOL!

  10. I haven’t watched the show either. But I have seen all about them on other shows.
    I just find it sad!

    I will be divorced for 30 years on Friday and it not something that is easy on any one involved.

    I didn’t want to be divorced but my ex did and he married someone else two month later. They will have been married 30 years in Aug.
    I will say God has really taken care of me and my family for all these years !! Hugs Grams

  11. I’ve watched their show once and have seen commercial after commercial for it, and through those knew that I didn’t care for it. I don’t care for Kate’s attitudes, so I wouldn’t watch it. Having said that, though, I do feel sad that their marriage is breaking up. I can’t help but think that part of it is living such a public life.

    We like to watch the Duggars (18 Kids and Counting), who are saved, dedicated Christians. The whole show is such an opposite of Jon & Kate!

  12. I have watched the show a couple of times but am not a follower. I got the impression that they did profess to be Christians. Wasn’t there something about that when they were advised to abort some of the multiples? Maybe I am confusing them with someone else. Anyway, I had not heard about the divorce. I agree that Kate was always nagging Jon which I find distasteful. I pray that they will reconsider.

  13. I’ve heard friends discussing them and you can’t help but see their pictures all over the web or magazine stands.
    I would so hope that they would seek counselling for the sake of their children and keeping the family together.
    I don’t watch alot of Dr. Phil but a couple of things that I’ve either heard him say or read in one of his books is: “You have to earn your way out of a relationship/marriage. If you’ve given your very best at trying to work out your problems and it still isn’t working, then go.” And “If you don’t resolve the issues in your present relationship/marriage, you just take the same problems and flaws into your next relationship/marriage. It becomes a vicious cycle.”
    I wish they would let Dr Phil help them!

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