Book Review: The Note

A horrific plane crash off the Florida coast has shocked the nation. Debris washes up on shore for days, some of it a distance from the crash site itself. A note of a father’s love and forgiveness on a napkin inside a plastic bag survives and lands at the house of a woman who wants to remain anonymous but who wants the message to get to its rightful recipient, so she takes it to a local newspaper columnist, Peyton McGruder.

Peyton recognizes a golden opportunity for her column, which has only been given a few weeks to attract more readers or face changes, but Peyton also has the integrity to handle the search for the note’s  intended recipient in a sensitive manner. The note is addresses simply to “T,”and as Peyton researches and then takes the note to those who might claim it, its message has different effects on all of them, Peyton included.

Unfortunately not all reporters have the same integrity and sensitivity, and a TV reporter out to make a name for herself moves in to scoop Peyton’s story.

My thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed The Note by Angela Hunt. It was well written, and it was intriguing to see how the note affected each who read it. The underlying spiritual parallels were beautifully illustrated without being overstated. My only teensy criticism is that there were a few asides by several of the characters commenting on Peyton that seemed to me to disrupt the flow of the story and often told me things I already knew or figured out. I’d be interested to know why the author handled these thoughts in this way. They might have worked better in a sidebar. But that’s just my opinion, and the overall story is wonderfully satisfying.

10 thoughts on “Book Review: The Note

  1. Sometimes authors just don’t trust that they have made themselves clear enough for their readers to make the connections. I am always frustrated with such when I read it, but as a writer, I am prone to it myself.

    This sounds like a very good read. I dismissed it off-hand because I had only heard a portion of the story synopsis. You’ve filled in a few details and made it sound much more intriguing.

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