Laudable linkage

My weekly collection of interesting stuff seen around the Web:

Chris Anderson’s new hymn is lovely on many levels..

The “prayer fixer.” Funny, but too true.

In Bigger than your personality Lisa shares how God can help us with things that don’t come easily or naturally to us.

Love this wall display.

I would love to refinish something in my house with this antique-looking finish. My bedroom furniture sorely needs touching up. Hmmm…

These herb cheese rolls in tulip cups and brownie cookies look and sound really good.

This article about marketing books is interesting — I didn’t realize a lot of that was left to the author.

And this Kung Fu Hillbilly instructional video is hilarious.

What out for that Ninja whoppin’ action.

And “don’t be ninjain’ nobody that don’t need ninjaing.”

“There ain’t much call for a one-legged Ninja.”

“Ninja stars!”

Have a whoppin’ good Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Laudable linkage

  1. BWAHAHAHA on that video. I love it. Heck with the tulip cups…just bring on the cheese rolls LOL 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of these. Have a wonderful Weekend 🙂

  2. Loved that video and “the prayer fixer”. I knew a lady prayer fixer. She always had a ready answer for everyone’s concerns, usually one that didn’t make sense to anyone but her.

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