Blogging Year in Review

I like to look back through my posts of the previous year and highlight some of my favorites for each month.


Packing Up Christmas and Help For “Winter Blues.”


The edge of the road and Where is the grace? and The Dinner Party That Wasn’t.


Coping when husband is away and Controversies and How not to be a grumpy old lady and Finishing well and Building Blocks of Trust in Marriage and Parenting Teens.


Looking Up (a rare attempt at fiction)


We look for the Saviour and Missing something? No, I don’t think so after all and If they only knew...


Why Go To Church? and A day of funny observations and The Ideal House.


How does God deal with evil? and Narnian Magic.


Why Don’t Older Women Serve? and “I know their sorrows” and What do adults “owe” parents?


How Older Women Can Serve and Communication in Marriage.


Do you recognize Him? and Love notes and Can frugality go too far? and Every day is a gift.


Happy Housewife Day!


No condemnation.

I notice that I am woefully inconsistent when it comes to capitalizing blog post titles. 🙂 But I also notice that, though I love talking about books and quotes, and I love the social interaction and recounting of blessings in Friday’s Fave Fives, my favorite posts are those in which I am sharing something God has taught me and/or something I feel will be helpful and useful to others. That’s one reason I cut down on some of the other memes I was involved in at the beginning of the year, though they were fun in themselves.

These are not my top posts of the year as far as number of views: when I first started blogging, I shared a lot of seasonal or holiday-related posts, like quotes, poems, etc., and my post views rocket up around those times as people seek that kind of thing.

I’m so thankful for those of you who read and especially who comment. It’s a great encouragement! I need to do better about answering those comments. But thank you for making the time to read and respond. I’ve found some good friends out here in cyberspace.

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