Upcoming Radio Interview

I received an invitation yesterday for a radio interview next Tuesday, October 26, at 8:10 a.m. EDT. It’s with the same folks that interviewed me before, Kurt and Kate Mornings on Moody Radio Florida. They want to discuss my Monday post, From “What If” to “Even If.”

The top of their program page has a “Click to Listen Live” button. I’d love to have you tune in if you’re able and interested. I know some of you work then, and it’s way early for those west of me. They put 15-minutes segments of their programs on their Past Programs page, and if my segment ends up there (it didn’t last time), I’ll add the link here.

Most of all, I’d appreciate your prayers that all would go well: that the technology would work well with no glitches, That there won’t be any health issues, that God would give me what He wants me to say and help me not to blank out, and that He would be glorified and listeners would be ministered to.

Update: Thanks so much to those who prayed! Everything went very well. My oldest son was able to make a recording of the interview here, if you’d like to listen. Thanks again!

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Radio Interview

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  2. That’s great! That’s usually the time I’m sitting staring into space with my cup of coffee and trying to wake up so I’ll be sure to tune in!

  3. Great interview, Barbara!! I caught it just as you were coming on. My mother was a worrier and I suppose I was sort of taught to worry so it’s a struggle for me. You did a great job!

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