June Reflections

We began this month with an end-of-school party for Timothy. We enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day 2/3 of the way through the month. And now we’re gearing up for the Fourth of July.

It’s been too hot out to do much else, but Jim did get the patio spiffed up for summer. We need to get new patio chairs but haven’t looked yet. We’ve had a couple of cookouts already. One evening,Timothy brought over sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and “pop-its”–those things you throw on the concrete where the make a loud pop. The weather was nice that evening, and it felt like a summery thing to do.

My middle son, Jason, had to leave his employer when the employer couldn’t pay his salary for a few weeks. He’s been making deliveries for a few different companies and has been able to make just about his regular salary. He likes the flexibility, and he says it’s kind of like playing Santa Claus–you get to deliver stuff to people and make them happy. I don’t know how long he’ll do this kind of thing, but it’s a nice change from the pressure he was under.


When we play Jackbox games together as a family, we have to sign in with our names. Timothy usually calls me Grandma, but one night I just put “Gram” in for my name. Then he started calling me Gram Cracker, and more recently, Gramster. 🙂

But what really cracked me up was when Jason texted that Timothy had said, “Oh, man! I need to pay my bills! I haven’t paid any in 8 years!” Thankfully, he won’t have to worry about that for a few years yet.


The first card I made this month was for Timothy’s end-of-second-grade party:

I made the words on the computer and the sign on the Cricut.

This was for my step-father for Father’s Day:

Once again, the words were done on the computer and the mustache on the Cricut.

This was for my husband for Father’s Day:

I had gotten the idea for these two on Pinterest and adapted them. The tape measure was done on the Cricut.

And this one was for Jason for Father’s Day:

The silhouettes were cut on the Cricut, but the moon and stars and squiggles were drawn by the Cricut with markers my oldest son just got for me either for Christmas or Mother’s Day. It was fun to experiment with those. I loved how much this design looked like Jason and Timothy.

This was for a friend’s birthday:

The bird and butterflies are multi-layer stickers. I did the words on the computer and then used two different-sized scalloped hole punches.


There’s not a lot on this time of year. We enjoy America’s Got Talent (though you have to have the remote at the ready sometimes) and reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos (usually I’ve forgotten enough of them that it is like seeing a new program. 🙂 ).

We streamed a really good movie titled In Harm’s Way about an American pilot who heads a bombing raid on Japan just after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He crashes in China, and a young widow helps nurse him back to health and hides him from the authorities. I don’t know if the movie is based on a particular true story, but the end screen said many Chinese helped Americans in such ways, and, sadly, the Japanese killed many Chinese because of it. Even though much of the film was in subtitles, it was easy to follow and get caught up in the story. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. Here’s the trailer:

I had watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas a few years ago after reading the book, but Jim had never seen it. So we watched it together one night. It’s about a boy whose father is put in charge of a work camp in Germany. The boy thinks the camp is a farm and the people where funny striped pajamas. One day while exploring, he sees a boy on the other side of a fence, and they start talking. Eventually they become friends. The ending is very sad. But maybe because I knew what was coming, I noticed other things this time, like the various attitudes of different people and the boy’s wrestling with whether or not his father is a good man.


Since last time, I finished (titles link to my reviews):

I’m currently reading:

  • Shadows in the Mind’s Eye by Janyre Tromp
  • Hospital Sketches by Louisa May Alcott
  • Victorian Short Stories of Successful Marriages by Elizabeth Gaskell and others.
  • Be Compassionate (Luke 1-13): Let the World Know Jesus Cares by Warren Wiersbe
  • Aging With Grace: Flourishing in an Anti-Aging Culture by Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt InstaEncouragements is hosting a study of this book on Tuesdays through July.


Besides book reviews, Friday Fave Fives, and Saturday Laudable Linkage, I’ve posted these since last time:

Around the corner

We’ll probably have a cookout on the 4th. Jason’s birthday is this month. Otherwise, I am not sure what’s on the horizon yet.

How was your June? Anything you’re looking forward to in July?

20 thoughts on “June Reflections

  1. How fun to have an “end of the school year” party for Timothy! His sayings crack me up. I am sorry about your middle son’s job — that sounds pretty stressful. Glad he’s found something new. I always really enjoy seeing your cards. I love the tape measure design/saying! Little things here and there to look forward to in July. I’m very grateful for the warm weather. I miss it every winter, and am trying to consciously enjoy it as much as I can now that it’s here 🙂

    • The job situation was pretty stressful for a while. especially trying to decide whether to stay or go. It’s a small company, so he didn’t want to put them in a bind. On the other hand, he couldn’t keep working without pay, either. Thankfully, his boss understood.

      I tend to prefer the in-between weather of spring and fall. Someone called it Goldilocks weather–not too hot or cold. 🙂

  2. Such a lovely month for you, Barbara. I love hearing about your relationship with Timothy. Such a joy to have been friends with you when he was born and watching him grow. I’m really sorry to hear about Jason having to leave his job, but can totally understand the reasoning behind it. I’m glad the Lord is providing other work for him at the present. That’s a blessing!

  3. We were saddened to see the movie, “In Harm’s Way” received a high recommendation.
    The lying, violence and attempted rape was something that gave us much pause on recommending it further.
    Mary Yoder

    • We felt like those elements would have been present in that time and setting. I was just glad the attempted rape was only attempted and no “bedroom scenes” were shown. I’m sure much worse happened in real life to too many.

  4. Love your reflections, Barb! Your cards are so beautiful! It must be so relaxing creating those. I look forward to your reading list each month and always find something to add to my own!

    • Sometimes the card-making is a little stressful when there are a lot of them, like at Christmas–I just make them for immediate family. But I love finding something that feels just right for them.

  5. Barbara, your Timothyisms had me chuckling with tears. That is so sweet. Happy Belated Birthday to Timothy. I have to tell you how lovely your cards are. Thank you for sharing your book reviews and current reading list. Blessings.

  6. Lots to see on this post. One highlight is: Timothy is a budding wordsmith! Makes me smile!
    Plus, your post photo, and card creations are pleasing to the eye, displaying your artistic bent.
    God bless!

  7. What a lovely look at the month gone by, Barbara! I enjoyed so many of the things you shared – especially your Grandson’s wonderful Timothyisms! Sharing this post on the Hearth and Soul Community Page on Facebook. Have a lovely rest of the week!

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