Thank you, a question, and laudable linkage

Thanks so much for all your sweet birthday wishes! My family gave me a wonderful birthday — I’m thinking I might save the particulars for the next Friday’s Fave Five post.

Some of your comments gave rise to a question, though:

How do you get those musical notes in your comments?

Those were so neat — and there are times I’ve wanted to do that but didn’t know it could be done.

I have some assorted puttering around to do today — a little cleaning, a few errands, etc. But I wanted to share with you some great things I’ve read recently. Some of these are blogs I am subscribed to through Google Reader — some I found through a series of links that I forgot to make note of.

Studying love at Making Home — great study of I Corinthinas 13.

Gifted Moms — funny post from Christian comedian Cheryl Moeller.

Before I was a Mom — poignant post on love learned as a mom by The Diaper Diaries.

Interview with Stephen King and Jerry Jenkins — the latter of the Left Behind series as well as several other books, the former of…well, who doesn’t know about Stephen King? I haven’t actually read his books — I don’t do scary — and the only film I’ve seen based on one of his books was Stand By Me, and I really enjoyed that. But though the authors are opposite in some ways, they have some similarities and mutual respect, and I thought this interview was quite interesting.

On the craft front — I love these little collages by Charlotte Lyons at house wren studio.

I’ve mentioned before that I was looking for ideas for craft storage or craft/sewing rooms: here are links to some inspiring ones I’ve found.

Lynn at Queen of the Castle is hosting agiveaway for the book Making It Home.

Reason #4,926 why I love him by Carpoolqueen. Just go read it. It’s hilarious.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

12 thoughts on “Thank you, a question, and laudable linkage

  1. Thanks for the link! And I would definitely recommend Fireproof for an easy at-home date night.

    I hope your date night, though, is bug-free.

  2. Barbara, I’m so impressed at your craft storage bookmarks list — not just the links, but that you know how to put them together in a list like that. How did you learn how to do that? You are light years ahead of me in the techno-savvy department ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. “Bugproof!” LOL! My Amoeba would so so that.

    Ladies, if you want to find a special man, find one who goes to church and applies the lessons he learns there to his life!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for stopping by and wishing me one too!
    When I got online this evening after being over at Karen’s house today there were the girl’s Birthday wishes!! I was so surprised. I wondered why it was taking them so long on the computer in the other room!! Karen said they were uploading some of her pictures and then we would go on over to my house. I said ok and didn’t think any thing about it. When I got on line a little later there was the pictures they took this afternoon and sweet comments from my bloggy friends!!

    My sister who passed away in 1998,birthday was the day before mine on the 21st of August. She would have been 85 yesterday. I was 71 today! Goodness where does the time go!!! Hugs Grams

  5. Hi Barbara! Fireproof is an excellent movie! You will definitely love it!
    To get the little musical notes and other symbols, hold down the ALT key the hit 1 and 4 on the numbers pad to the right.
    To get other symbols, hold down ALT and hit each number once and also double digits. There are all kinds of neat symbols! Have fun! โ˜บ

  6. I used to be a Stephen King fan but his books got weirder over the years and I finally quit reading them. I liked “Stand By Me”. It was made from a short story. “The Green Mile” was another one that was good. I really liked the “The Shining”, and “Firestarter” movies but my favorite book was “The Stand” in the original form. They later released it with some material left out of that and I thought what they left out, should have been left out.
    I imagine that interview was interesting.
    I’m glad you had a good Birthday. You’ve had a busy summer.

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