Laudable Linkage and Grandma’s Birthday

We enjoyed celebrating Grandma’s 82nd birthday last night  with Pizza, cake, presents and “Team Scrabble.”

I don’t know how many people are around this holiday weekend, but here are a few things I’ve enjoyed reading the past couple of weeks.

Sometimes It’s Just Plain Hard, a very honest perspective that not everyone has beautiful, inspiring last days and death, but the hardness is all the more reminder that death is an enemy and Christ has overcome it and offers new life.

Another on the subject of death: I was brought to tears by the text of The Long Goodnight, HT to Challies. My own preferences for musical style is more conservative than the accompaniment here, but the text is from an old German hymn.

Laura introduced me to the M. O. B. Society (Mothers of Boys) with the post A Woman of God in a Household of Boys.

The High Calling of a Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective.

“If Anyone Destroys God’s Temple…” Very convicting, not the usual take you see on this passage.

Beware the anger of man that attempts to produce the righteousness of God.

How can I make sure I am regularly shepherding everyone in the church?

In the “something to think about” department: Girlie Christianity.

Hope all my American friends have a happy Independence Day! I’ve loved this explanation of the Declaration of Independence by Red Skelton since I first heard it:

6 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage and Grandma’s Birthday

  1. How fun to play Scrabble. You know I have that game on my iphone and ipad and I love playing it with others. Great fun. Looks like Grandma and Hubby were really concentrating on their letters. What a fun party 🙂 I so love this skit by Red Skeleton. He was a true entertainer 🙂 Have a happy and safe 4th of July my friend. 🙂

  2. I just love seeing pictures of your mother-in-law! I always enjoy your links too. The one on the high calling of a wife and mother in biblical perspective is worth printing out and studying – which is exactly what I’m going to do!

    Happy Independence Day!

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