Laudable Linkage and Cool Videos

I didn’t have quite as much time for web surfing this week, but here are a few noteworthy things I did see:

The Unsaved Christian. Someone on Facebook linked to this. At first I balked at the title because someone is not a Christian if unsaved, so this seemed like a misnomer, but the article explains what she means and gently but clearly sounds a needed warning.

Winning Your Friends to Christ, HT to Susan.

Grace Spots.

Responding to the Scandal. If you saw the recent 20/20 report on abuse within IFB churches, this is the best response I have seen, HT to my son, Jeremy. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about this issue, but this hasn’t been a week I could have extended thoughtful time at the computer. But Dr. Bauder says just about everything I would say and more, and much better.

Homemade Note Pads are presented as a Teacher Appreciation Gift, but they’d be good for anyone.

Styrofoam Wall Art. I forget where I saw the link to this. I’ve seen similar ideas using canvas, but this would be cheaper.

Timelapse Video of San Francisco-to-Paris flight Captures Aurora Borealis. Neat article and video.

This is pretty funny. I can see how they do some of it, but they do the change-out pretty fast!

Have a great Saturday! We had storms through the night and lost power this morning, but I am so glad it is back on now!

5 thoughts on “Laudable Linkage and Cool Videos

  1. I enjoyed the article responding to the 20/20 episode from last week. I agreed all of his points, but several of them had me nodding my head and wishing all fundamental Baptists would just listen. My husband has taken all the same precautions mentioned, such as never alone with females, never alone with a child, etc., and he is also of the opinion that the pastor’s authority over a family stops at the church doors – unless they ask for his help. He’s actually faced some criticism here because he won’t mandate what women are to wear away from church! Sigh. Sometimes I get so tired of the IFB “political correctness” that we have to deal with!

  2. Certain people (that I know in real life) were slandered on 20/20 the other night and are feeling intense pain because of it. Both sides of certain topics were NOT shared…and things were skewed. I agree with Dr. B that bad things have happen and fund. baps need to be accountable and fix their problems…but that doesn’t mean that 20/20 got it right and that I’m not going to blame the media for being the slimy pit that it is…objective reporting my foot. There are pastoral counseling issues that are deep and involved and not as black and white as people would like them to be…and pastor’s are responsible before God to make the best decisions they can. It is presumptuous, at best, for people on the outside to say they think they did it wrong. You may not know all the details you need to know to make that call. I find it upsetting to see so many fund. baps acting cowardly and not supporting their leadership…most of whom are great and Godly men.

    • I agree, Bobbi, there was much that was troubling about the broadcast. I was astonished at some who should know better portraying fundamentalism as a cult. I looked on one of the sites mentioned and it was just full of bitterness rather than a desire to see truth prevail.

      I think perhaps the situation in question could have been handled better. I can’t see calling a sexual relationship between an adult male and a teen-age girl consensual. The older man has the far greater responsibility there. But even if it could have been handled better and differently, it doesn’t call for the kind of response that it was given in the broadcast.

      I don’t think saying that this wasn’t handled in the best way is equal to not supporting leadership. I hope, as Bauder said, people learn from this because, sad to say, this kind of thing is likely to happen again. But I do think the public at large and the news media in particular do not have the whole story.

      As I said, I’ve been thinking about a post on this — I have many thoughts floating around but they haven’t quite come together yet.

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