Someone commented recently that they’d like to see the cards I had mentioned working on, and I am happy to oblige. šŸ™‚ When I make cards, I usually peruse my Pinterest board for cards unless I have an idea already. I try not to copy them exactly but rather just get ideas and inspiration.

Before the spate of Valentine’s cards last week, I made this for a lady at church to go with her baby shower gift. I used a cute little elephant punch I had gotten for Christmas, but it could be done with stickers or punches of anything that might look like a baby’s mobile.


This was my Valentine’s card for my husband:


This was for my oldest son. I think the brown hearts look like chocolate ones. šŸ™‚


This was for my middle son:


The design on the butterfly paper was raised and velvety (flocked). I love the masculine feel of the tans and rich browns.

This was for my daughter-in-law:


This was for my grandson – I think it is my favorite:


This was for my youngest son:


I should have made the jar from a different colored paper or outlined it so it showed up better.

This was for my mother-in-law:


The monkey, branches, birds, and jar were cut from my Cricut. Most of the hearts were done with various sizes of punches. Everything was done with things I already had on hand. Anything with words I type out on the computer, along with the sentiments inside, then print them off all on one sheet and then cut them out and paste them. The Cricut Explore has various fonts but I haven’t quite figured out adding words with it yet. On the heart on my mother-in-law’s card, I turned my heart punch upside down so I could center the words where I wanted them before punching the heart out.

I’ve made cards off and on for years, but started making them in earnest when they got to be so expensive in stores. I had a lot of papers, cardstock, equipment, etc., accumulated from years of sales, coupons, and gift cards to craft stores, and felt I needed to either use it or get rid of it. Of course, I have to watch out for this kind of thing:

craft humoršŸ™‚ But I usually ask for craft store gift cards for my birthday and Christmas, so that supplies my habit. šŸ™‚

So even though I started for economical reasons, I do enjoy being able to give something unique and personal. It’s a bit more pressure Valentine’s Day and Christmas when I am making cards for all the family at once, as opposed to individual birthday cards through the year, but I enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Cards

  1. Lovely!

    Every time I try pricing some craft “from scratch”, I’m overwhelmed by the cost and figure it’s better to just buy something used (for those things that can be bought used.) Of course, I very rarely ever have to buy the stuff for a project. Back when I lived in Nebraska, there was a thrift store that had fabric for $0.50 a yard – and bags of notions or craft supplies for a buck or two a piece. I have so much stuff from there that I won’t even have to buy any fabric to make curtains for our new house!

  2. Your cards are adorable, Barbara! You do such nice work. It is easy to tell how much you enjoy doing it because your love certainly shines through on each one. And I loved the quote…some days that is the way it feels. šŸ™‚

  3. Your cards are beautiful! I make cards too, because I enjoy the creative outlet, but mine don’t even compare. Especially liked the one with the love pouring out of the container–very clever! Had to laugh at the comment at the end about making a $7 item with $92 worth of craft supplies–too true– but oh so much fun!

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  5. The cards are lovely,its always nice to get a card from someone,seeing how they spent time making it just for you,and it keeps a person busy and this type of thing is relaxing.Buying cards these days are so expensive,why it has to be that expensive,goodness knows ,it is printed,not even hand made.Keep up the pretty work- From Tania in South Africa

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