Father’s Day Cards

I thought I’d show you the cards I made for this last Father’s Day.

This was for my step-father, adapted from an idea seen on Pinterest.


I love that it’s simple but still makes for a nice design. The buttons were made on the Cricut machine. I toyed with using real buttons and thread, but I was afraid they might fall off in transit.

This was for my son. My grandson likes super-heroes, so I thought it was fitting for a super-dad. 🙂


This was from one of the Cricut Design Space’s “Make It and Take It” cards, but I tweaked it a bit from what they had – they didn’t have the “Super” at the top, and their whole card was the size of the blue frame.

For my husband, I wanted something to do with grilling, so I searched the Cricut Design Space’s files for “grill.” Both this grill and the little man showed up, so I used both of them. The design kind of evolved as I worked. I cut little snippets with scissors in the “grass” so it would look like grass blades. I started to stick the figures in the grass, but we grill on our patio, so I used the textured-looking grey paper for the patio. I was going to put “Well done” at the top (a play on the idea of well-done food and well-done fathering), then decided I would put that in a cloud. I had everything centered in the middle but thought the cloud looked odd centered right over the figures as if it was about to rain on them. So I moved it to the side and added another for balance, cutting them both out freehand (I had typed the “Well Done” and printed it on cardstock, along with the inside sentiments of the cards). Then the bottom corners looked like they needed something, so I looked up flowerpots. This flower design actually had a couple of other layers on the flowers and leaves, but they were so tiny they didn’t come out well. I decided the flowers looked ok as is.


That was it for this time. I think everyone liked their cards. 🙂

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Crafty Organization

I mentioned last week that I had been able to do a bit of reorganizing in the craft/sewing room, so I thought I’d give you a peek.

My dear husband very generously gave me a Cricut machine some years ago. It took up a good deal of space on my work table, so a couple of years ago I told about painting an inexpensive TV cabinet on wheels that would fit under the table and keeping the Cricut there. The only problem was that when I did start to make cards, I didn’t want to take the time to pull the Cricut out and plug it in and set it up. Plus all my cartridges were in a file box, which was ok, but not the best solution.


Former location of Cricut cabinet

Cartridges in file box

Cartridges in file box

Finally somehow a light bulb went off over my head, and I pulled the cabinet out and placed it against an empty space on the wall. I put the cartridges on one shelf and the other things on the bottom shelf.

Newly organized cabinet in new location

Newly organized cabinet in new location


Now the Cricut itself plus the cartridges are more accessible, so hopefully I’ll use them more. I feel guilty for having all this stuff and not using it. I’ve started making cards this year since even the basic ones at Wal-Mart have gotten up to$5 and $6 and since I do have stuff to make cards.

I feel like I need to say, too, that a lot of what is in this room has been bought with gift cards given by my family on various occasions and often on sale or with coupons. Plus this is the accumulation of 35+ years.

Also, I had my Cuttlebug embossing folders in a file box, but they didn’t need all that space.

Cuttlebug folders in file box

Cuttlebug folders in file box

I had this cute little plastic box I’d found at Target but hadn’t found a use for it yet, and they fit perfectly. Now they are much easier to flip through.

New Cuttlebug box

New Cuttlebug box

As you can see in one of the above pictures, the Cuttlebug, box of folders, and laminator all occupy the bottom shelf of the TV cabinet.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to Cuttlebugs? I don’t see them in craft shops any more. I guess they probably got replaced by some new machine that I don’t know about. But I love the Cuttlebug. I used it on this card for my son and daughter-in-law:


I still like the idea of a storage cabinet under the table. though. They still have these cabinets at Wal-Mart, but only in black, and I am not fond of the idea of painting black cabinets white again. I’ve looked at kitchen carts (usually too tall) and other ideas, but everything else is either too expensive or doesn’t fit the space. So I’ll have to think about that a while.

Also, I didn’t think to take a “before” picture, but I did some work in the closet as well. I had a corner cabinet in there that was tipping forward because the stuff I had one it was too big and heavy. Jesse helped me put some pieces of cardboard under the front corner so it wouldn’t tip forward, and I traded all the smaller things that were in the middle bookshelf onto the corner shelf and put the big photo albums and such that I’d had on the corner shelf onto the middle bookshelf (one of those, “Duh, why didn’t I think of that before?” moments). Then I just had a bunch of stuff piled into the right corner. It just recently occurred to me that I could get another corner shelf for the right side (another “Duh!” moment!) I couldn’t find one like I already had on the left, but I found this one on Amazon and was able to get it free with accumulated cash-back points from the credit card. So picture the before photo with a mess in both corners, and now (I ended up having to take two “after” pictures because I couldn’t get both sides in the frame):


Left closet corner

The pink plastic drawers on the left are two stacked on top of each other. I wasn’t sure if that would work or if they’d topple every time I opened a drawer, but they have worked wonderfully. I did think about them for that under-the-table space, but I was wanting more open shelves there. But they might work – still thinking. 🙂


Right closet corner

I’m delighted that those corner shelves have really made the best use of that space.

Also, for good measure, I thought I’d show you this:


All of those boxes on the left-hand shelves hold photos that, hopefully some day before I die, will make it into some of the albums I’ve accumulated through the years. That was before photos went digital.

So — getting things spiffed up in there is inspiring me to spend more time in there – if only I could!!! But getting it more organized will make it easier to do things in there when I do have time.

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