Laudable Linkage

I have a very short list today, but a good one. I started to save them for next week, but by then I might have so many they’d get lost in the shuffle.

Redefining Balance So We Stop Thinking We’re Doing Life Wrong, HT to Edie Melson at the Blue Ridge Conference Writers Facebook Page. “Juggling is exhausting. It’s also not supposed to be a full-time gig. Professional jugglers don’t juggle every day, all the time. Which brings me to the whole idea of balance because juggling involves balance.”

Maintaining Confidence in the Process. “Too often we overestimate the growth we can gain in a week, but underestimate the growth we can gain in a year.”

The Casserole Rules. “As people of faith, we are very good at meeting people in times of death and illness. There are no judgments around these things, and we do not need discernment about who was in the wrong. We don’t have to wonder about whether one’s grief is deserving of a casserole. The rules about other human conditions are not so clear. Casseroles for the death of a marriage? For a mental breakdown? For rehab?”

My five-year-old grandson likes the “Dude Perfect” guys on YouTube and shared several of their videos with us. This was one of my favorites:

I don’t necessarily like the “Rage Monster,” who appears in all their “stereotypes” videos. Being so angry you’re out of control is scary rather than funny to me. I guess someone must have been looking to take up a gym floor here. 🙂

Happy Saturday!

Laudable Linkage and Videos

Here are just a few good reads from the past week, with more commentary than usual:

A Tale of Two Comparisons. Most times we get into trouble when we compare ourselves with others, and the Bible warns against the wrong kinds of comparisons that provoke jealousy, envy, discouragement, or discontent. But we can do so in a way that spurs us on to grow and to follow them as they follow Christ.

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Welcoming People to Your Congregation.

Gary Thomas’ ‘Sacred Marriage’: Not the Last Word on Marriage, HT to Challies. I kept thinking “Yes!” as I read through this. The author takes issue with the premise “What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?” by pointing out that marriage was created before the fall and its purpose is primarily companionship rather than sanctification (although God can use it in our sanctification, but I have read so many “holy, not happy” posts about marriage that if I weren’t married and read those things, I’d be discouraged from ever getting married, because they made it sound so dreary.)

Let Your Husband Love You, HT to Challies. “I get it. The kids have been climbing on you all day…you’re sick of being clawed at, sucked on, licked, punched, kicked, pulled, snotted on, cried on, spit up on, pooped on, and peed on….I know you don’t want to be touched and for some reason, an innocent compliment can offend you. But…” Excellent. She also responds here to some of the feedback she got from her post.

My friend Lou Ann has been conducting a survey of singles and shares some results of it in The Singles Survey: Introduction and Part 2. Very important. We so often unwittingly wound our single friends..

And here are a couple of short videos that made me smile:

Shared by my son, a little girl meets her father’s twin brother for the first time and gets confused. The look on her face is priceless.

And I clicked on this after looking at one The Story Warren shared about a camera shaped like an egg in a penguin colony. That was pretty neat, but this one was funny:

Have a great Saturday!