Laudable Linkage

I just have a short list today—I’m behind on my blog reading. But I hope you’ll find something to encourage you here.

Bulletproof, HT to Challies. “As time passed, I gathered up frightening moments, storing them like scalding stones in a knapsack, hefting them with me moment-by-moment through life, and right into my early days of motherhood. As long as I remembered what could happen, and kept on the lookout for any potential dangers, maybe I could keep my little family safe. An exhausting way to live, I tell you. But after so many years it felt normal.”

Church Hurt. “Anyone who has been involved in a faith community over a long period of time sadly may know the very painful feelings of rejection, criticism, and disillusionment. Church hurt can stings like no other. Why is that?”

Shining a Light in the Darkest of Times. “My most recent fascination holds me captive at dusk. Sweet childhood memories delightfully dance across my mind’s eye as the fireflies gaily float across the lawn. Lately returned to our area after several years absence, they offered more than reminiscent delight. Visible only as darkness approaches, their light speaks a truth needful for today: that of shining a light in the darkest of times.”

Outside the Camp, Part 3: What It Means. Dan Olinger gives insight on what it means that Jesus was crucified “outside the camp” and why we’re told to go to Him “outside the camp” as well.

Give to Those Who Ask. “If someone were to walk up to you today, declare their poverty, and ask you for help, what should you do?”