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Just a short list today:

Should I Really Honor an Ungodly Politician? “If you chose one word to describe the most prominent attitude in today’s society, there is one I am sure you would not immediately select. The word is ‘honor.’ Nor is this a primary descriptor of many Christians in our day. Rather, on a variety of fronts, American Christians are divided, combative, and even angry.”

It Is a Weakness of Faith to Refuse to Mourn the Death of Loved Ones, HT to Challies. “I am often troubled when I attend a funeral, and the leader refuses to let the people mourn. Those in charge of funeral arrangements, and often the families themselves, put so much effort into making the occasion a celebration of life, a graduation to heaven, that those in attendance might feel like their faith is weak if they were to shed tears of sorrow, but the opposite is true.”

You Know You Trashed a Conversation When, HT to Challies. Ed Welch shares ways conversations can get derailed and hurtful.

This was amusing:

Happy Saturday!