Laudable Linkage

Here are a few interesting reads found this week:

Head Knowledge = Good. Heart Knowledge = Good. We need both.

Reading the Bible Like Jesus: Matt. 22:31 and Reading the Bible Like Jesus: Luke 24. I would just caution, with the first one, that though we do need to read the Bible as written directly to us, we need to remember that not every instruction or promise is for us to follow. Some things were given specifically to Israel or to an individual. But, yes, even that is written to us for a purpose.

Don’t Pray in Circles!

Coming Home: When Missionaries Come Off the Field. Ways to be helpful rather than hurtful.

Rescued. Beautiful.

How Do Birds Keep Warm in Winter? HT to FFF friend Kathie (who always has gorgeous photos!) I thought our resident cardinals were just getting fat, and though they do eat more to stay warm, they also fluff layers of air amidst their wings as insulation. Very interesting article.

Saw this at Bobbi‘s. Very sweet. I don’t know if falling makes you stronger, as it says at the end, but I do hope I’ve taught my kids that falling isn’t the end. This is a good reminder, too, that though Olympic athletes are talented, they also have years of hard word leading up to their feats.

Have a good weekend!