Laudable Linkage

Here my latest round-up of good reads online. Many are about the pandemic, but a few are not.

On Easter. I had never seen this poem by John Updike before, but I really like it.

Celebration of the Resurrection’s Not Canceled. “We may forfeit long-celebrated Easter activities and traditions. But if we miss celebrating the resurrection, we end up missing the greatest celebration of all time. He is risen!”

Corona Virus Could Kill Consumer Christianity. “Because coronavirus has rapidly taken away the excesses of church, all the bells and whistles, all the nice-to-haves we’ve come to see as must-haves. What remains are bare essentials: Jesus, the Word, community, prayer, singing. What remains is the reality that the church can never be vanquished: we are Christ’s body and will live eternally with him. Things are suddenly spartan in how we do church—but what we are remains as vibrant as ever.”

What Might God Be Doing With the Coronavirus? Lots of good possibilities listed.

Along the same lines, Do We Really Want to Go Back to Normal? HT to Challies. “But the truth is, whatever will become ‘normal’ on the other side of the coronavirus crisis will not be the old normal. It will be something new. We are not going back. So here’s the question I hope we will begin to ask instead: Do we really want to go back to normal? Was the old normal good?”

100 Days that Changed the World, HT to Challies. A timeline of how quickly the virus spread.

Hard Times Are Coming. “We can trust God and be completely convinced that what He does is good and right, yet still hope to avoid tragedy, pain, suffering, hard times. The real testing of our faith comes when those hard times hit.”

We’re All Children Now, HT to Challies. A recent tragedy reminded the writer how little control we have in life. But that helps us acknowledge our need, like the children Jesus said we should be like to come into His kingdom.

The Art of Remembering How Good You Really Have It.

A Strong Conscience or Immaturity? HT to Challies. It’s hard to tell sometimes. But the person who doesn’t do a questionable thing is not always the “weaker brother.”

The Record Keeper. I love this picture of Matthew using his gift of record-keeping to tell others about Christ. I don’t know why I never made the connection between his record-keeping as a former tax collector and his gospel account.

Remember the Wonders. A neat way God answered a young son’s prayer.

Covid-19: Anxious About Money? “‘Your heavenly father knows that you need them [life’s essentials].’ Since you are especially valuable to your Father, he knows and remembers what you need. Your needs are impressed on his heart.”

And along the same lines, HT to The Story Warren, this is a sweet song inspired by Matthew 6:

Laudable Linkage

Here are a few good reads seen on the Web this past week:

Touch the dead. I dare you. Thought-provoking post from Lisa about how and why we who are alive spiritually can and should reach out to those who aren’t yet.

What does “unworthily” mean? I used to fear taking communion due to the verse about partaking in an unworthy manner. This is a good article explaining what that means.

Countdown to Easter. Great Bible reading plan for the 21 days leading up to Easter. Though there are less than 21 days now, it’s not too late to jump in on this.

Is Easter Too Violent For Kids? We don’t serve them well by downplaying the truth.

Doing Less Well.

God’s Quiver Full dealing with loss from miscarriage or stillbirth.

The Blogs, the Battles, and the Gospel. Controversial topics are inevitable and even necessary to discuss. Here are some things to consider in discussing them in a God-honoring way.

Quit Looking For Your Soulmate because He/She Isn’t Out There. Great article about unrealistic expectations in relationships.

I Come to Bury Keats, Not To Praise Him, HT to Sherry. Lovely article about truth, beauty, and creating.

These first two videos I saw at girltalk.

Why believe in the Resurrection of Christ?

Why is the cross “a big deal” for Christians, and why do “good” people need to consider it?

And someone shared this in church Wednesday on the question of if God is good, why is there evil in the world. It doesn’t answer all the questions — nothing could in under 2 minutes — but it makes some good points.