Laudable Linkage and Video

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this, but here is some interesting reading from the last few weeks:

How My Mother’s Radical Views Tore Us Apart. Fascinating article about how a famous feminist’s daughter felt about her mother’s mothering, and how she values being a mother even though her own mother called it “servitude.” It’s not from a Christian standpoint and I wouldn’t completely endorse everything in it, but it is eye-opening.

What the Doc Teaches that Pastor. Not just for pastors. “There’s no glory and no transformation in a message people do not understand.”

A Call to Live Like People Matter. “It means considering the tasks on your to-do list less important than the people you’re doing them for.”

The Church: The Manifold Wisdom of God. “Though I am deeply troubled by the state of segments of God’s Church, Paul teaches that it is through this broken and dysfunctional instrument that God is going to show others the variety of His wisdom.”

Believing the Gospel For Our Friends. When sharing struggles with friends, some can be too harsh, some can be too soft. This shares how a true gospel outlook can help us strike the right balance.

When Separation Clouds the Gospel. While acknowledging that there is a time for Biblical separation, the author warns that unbiblical separation does harm.

On the home front: Why I Make My Bed {10 Reasons I Keep My House Clean}

This spoof cracks me up, especially as our church is splitting up into small groups on Sunday nights over the summer –  though not like this one!