Laudable Linkage


Here’s another round of notable reads found recently:

How to Avoid Becoming (Heavenly) Hangry on Vacation.

What Your Child Needs More Than Self-esteem, HT to Story Warren.

A Parent’s Guide to the 5 Skeptics Who Want to Shame Your Kids for Being Christian, HT to Challies.

When You Don’t Enjoy the Little Years. Even though you love your little ones dearly, some days are hard.

Can I Trust God With My Child’s Suffering? HT to True Woman.

How to Bring the (Whole) Bible to Life for Kids, HT to True Woman. Though I chafe at the phrasing of the title (the Bible IS living – John 6:63), I know what the author meant, and there are some great ideas here.

When the Content Police Came for the Babylon Bee, HT to Challies.

Hope for People With Food Allergies, HT to True Woman.

The Real Story of Christopher Robin, HT to Glynn. Sad, but I hope on some level the family retained some joy that the Pooh stories were such a dear part of many people’s childhoods.

Several people have asked me if I’ve heard of the recent ruling to remove Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from a literary award. I’m not surprised, especially in today’s climate. There were characterizations and incidents in the books that we cringe at today. But I hope this does not lead to a pulling of her books from shelves or reading lists. We encounter what we would consider wrong attitudes in a number of older books, even classics. If we tossed books that had anything in them we disagreed with – well, we wouldn’t have much left. It takes long years to change cultural thinking. The better way, I believe, is to realize that every person and every generation is a mixture of good and bad and to educate about both sides. A couple of good articles I’ve seen on this are Scrubbing Laura Ingalls Wilder is a Dangerous Step Toward Ignorance (HT to Melanie) and How to really Read Racist Books to Your Kids, (HT to 19th Century Classic Children’s Books You Might Have Overlooked, which I found through Story Warren). I wouldn’t agree with every point in the latter (mainly the evolutionary lens), but both articles make good points.

I usually like to close these posts with a funny or thoughtful picture or meme – but I don’t have one handy and need to get on to today’s tasks, so I’ll wish you a Happy Saturday!

Laudable Linkage

Wow, I can’t believe it has been about a month since I’ve shared interesting links with you! Here’s some thought-provoking reading:

From my son’s blog: 4 things that have kept me sane in the NICU and Dealing with Disappointment in the NICU.

The Story. The importance of reading the Scriptures as a whole rather than isolated parts.

The Church Is a Body, Not a Body Part.

On parenting:

I’m Not Enough For My Kids.

Godly Feelings Flourish Behind Walls of Self-Control. The girltalk blog has been discussing teaching children self-control, and I especially appreciated this post about teaching a very emotional toddler to rein herself in.

Teaching Toddlers Emotional Self Control: A Few Practical Thoughts, another in the above series.

The Morning When My Mother Got Up Anyway.

I Want My Kids to Serve.

My Child….My Friend?

His Time, His Plan, His Way, a story of a premature birth.

Hospitality For Introverts.

What a child with food allergies would want you to know.

Why I Am Sick of Women’s Conferences. Though the title is maybe a little harsh, this is a good post about the wrong message being emphasized at some conferences.

Dear Inaccessible Church.

Do You Know Your Missionaries? Eight Ideas to get to know them better.

Could Quitting Facebook Be A Mistake? HT to Bobbi.

Web Sites For Writers.

This just made me smile – a friend saw at a shop in Williamsburg Jane Austen Action Figures.


Happy Saturday!